John Giachi

At 28 years of age, John Giacchi is considered to be Australia's current maestro of the theatre pipe organ, having worked hard during his formative years to achieve an exceptionally high standard of both musical presentation and excellence.

Whilst under principally classical instruction, John went to win both 1st and 2nd prize in the under 16 Classical Organ section and 2nd prize in the under 16 popular organ section of the City of Sydney Eisteddfod.

In 1988, John was awarded first prize for an original composition entitled Opus 1988. This composition was specifically for the theatre organ and was open to all musicians Australia wide sponsored by the New South Wales division of the Theatre Organ Society of Australia and Marrickville Municipal Council. Later that year, he was invited to perform his work on the famous 5 manual Hill & Son organ located in Sydney Town Hall.

John then turned his attention to theatre organ, giving him license to explore and express unlimited creativity associated with the artform. In 1990, he was the first Australian to be awarded a place in the American Theatre Organ Society Young Organists Competition, which entitled him to play his cameo performance at the Annual Convention in Indianapolis, USA.

From then on, John's career blossomed and was quickly followed by the release of his first commercial recording "Nightmoods". Subsequently, he toured New Zealand, the United States and Great Britain in 1992 and played concerts in various locations in those countries over a ten week period. Further, he has appeared in concerts at the TOSA National Conventions around Australia and at the ATOS convention in Indianapolis in 1997.

In 1996, a further commercial recording entitled "Beyond the Blue Horizon" was released in September 1996 and has enjoyed critical acclaim. Lately, John has released his latest contribution, "Journey Into Melody" recorded on the 4/29 Wurlitzer in the Capri Theatre, South Australia.

In March 1999, John completed his first major tour of the United States, having played a total of 10 concerts in a 4 week period. In September 2000, he will be required to perform a further 8 concerts in the United States.

Apart from enjoying a regular concert schedule in Australia and now overseas, John performs regularly for the theatre patrons on the bench of the famous Style 260 Wurlitzer in the Dendy Theatre, Brighton. He is a corporate lawyer by profession.

Last Update: May 25, 2000

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