Inside the Console

The capture system is located on the left side of the console in this view. Mr. Trousdale deigned this capture system and the printed circuit modules in it, but the fabrication of the printed circuit cards and the construction of the capture system was accomplished by an outside firm. It is this capture system which generates the time-coded pulses which are routed to the relay system. The two-pair cable going to the relay system can be seen at the center bottom of the console. The audio tape recorder which is used to record a performers registrations is seen edge-on mounted on the right side of the capture system. Mounted in the right side of the console one sees the 80386-based computer with the monitor on top, the keyboard beneath it and the computer itself on the bottom. Mr. Trousdale used ASCII characters to form the images on the monitor of the organ keyboard and he programmed the computer using assembly language! This computer is used to record the tab settings and the key-strokes of the performer so that the computer can play back the performance as though the performer were at the console performing.

Last Update: July 14th, 1999

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