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All of the work which needed to be accomplished in the chambers had to be addressed after the contract with the Trousdale Organ Company had been completed. When the work on the console and the relay system was completed, everything worked the first time, except that the organ still didn't sound very good. Consequently, the Orange County Theatre Organ Society (OCTOS) was founded for completing the work on the restoration and enhancement of the pipework in the chambers, as well as for the continuing effort necessary to maintain the organ in top functional condition.

The organ chambers are relatively small, which fact has necessitated that they be essentially restricted to containing the pipes of the organ. Many of the special theater organ sounds have been rendered by digital sampling, using the actual sounds from other Wurlitzer organs which contain these theater organ effects. That is, there is also a sound system utilizing amplifiers and loudspeakers; the amplifiers are located in the relay room and the loudspeakers in the chambers, two in each chamber. Every effort was made to keep the origanal wind chests in place. Certain ranks of pipes were moved from one chamber and placed in the other chamber. New ranks were added to improve what could be performed with the organ. Parts of some ranks were removed to create space to make the chambers accessible for work. Pipeword that was removed has been saved and is stored for possible use in the future. Pipework which is now in the organ is either original or has been acquired from other organs. All of the pipework had to be retuned from A at 435 cycles per second to A at 440 cycles per second, meaning that some of the pipes had to be physically shortened to do so! In approximately 1985, all of the pipework was releathered. Releathering the pipework means putting new leather in the valve mechanism at the foot of every pipe in the organ, --- all 2,500 of them!! This work was very satisfactory and looks like new, even today.

Much work also had to be accomplished in the order of rank regulation and the cleaning of all of the reeds (which work like a clarinet).

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