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The People of OCTOS

Mr. Bob Trousdale is the gentleman who must be given first mention in any discussion of the people involved with this magnificent instrument. Here is a list of 24 others who have volunteered countless hundreds of hours to the enhancement and maintenance of the Plummer Wurlitzer Pipe Organ

Randy Bergum Dennis Leonhardt Dick and Shirley Obert
Lynne Bishop Dick Lindwall John Ouderkerk
Ed Bridgeford Jim and Judy Merry Phil Riddick
Bill Briney Hans Meyer Leon Rue
Don Depuy Ron Mitchell Don Samis
Chris Gorsuch Don Near (Pres., OCTOS) Ed Sinclair
Gordon Kibbee Art Nisson Jack Townsend

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Jim Merry Judy Merry Bob Trousdale Ed Sinclair Don Near Randy Bergum Phil Riddick John Ouderkerk Ed Bridgeford Lynne Bishop