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The original 1930's relay system (occupying the whole room) has been replaced by a modern, solid-state system (occupying only part of the small room) wherein the time-separated pulses, arriving from the console on the two pairs of wires, is decoded. From the relay system, the electric current (to operate the electromagnetic air valves of all the pipes and other devices) is sent on cables of the original many wires to the three chambers. This relay system is located in a small room of its own beneath the stage. The original capture system occupied the whole identical room above the room for the relay system. Since the capture system is now located in the console, that room is free to be used for other purposes. There is also a large pipe, which carries air to the wind chests of the organ, going through the relay room.

So, not only were the internal workings of the console rebuilt, but a new relay system was fabricated. The digital encoding and the capture system in the console, and this new relay system were all designed by Mr. Bob Trousdale. And a very excellent job at that! Everyone's hat off for Mr. Trousdale and his wonderful work!


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