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Many people involved with Plummer Auditorium and the pipe organ believed that, despite the organ's limitations, it still had great potential to be made a musically significant instrument. It lacked many theater organ components and was a long way from being a classic (church) organ. Due to the antiquated state and deficiencies of Plummer Auditorium, the decision was reached to enhance the facilities, including the pipe organ. One of the enhancements included installing an orchestra lift in place of the orchestra pit. This meant that the organ console, as a stationary object, had to be removed and converted. This conversion now allows it to be moved from the stage or the orchestra lift and to be stored in a room behind the stage when not in use.

Under a grant of the Redevelopment Agency, the city of Fullerton undertook the project of the restoration of the auditorium Funds for the enhancement of the organ came from the High School Educational Foundation. Inasmuch as the Trousdale Organ Company bid only $42,000, some $200,000 less than any other bid, to work over the organ, the organ project went to the Trousdale Organ Company. It was evident that Bob Trousdale was undertaking the direction of the restoration project as a labor of love. Later, the Orange County Theatre Organ Society (OCTOS) was founded on the basis of volunteer effort to continue the restoration project when the original contract with the Trousdale Organ Company was completed.

A great deal of work still needed to be done in order to bring the organ up to a major concert instrument and to have it's significant place in the cultural community of Southern California. A final rank of pipes, the Musette, to serve as a musical blending rank, have finally completed, with great acclaim to say the least, all ranks to be installed, as of late September, 1999, in the organ! Also, an air conditioning system to keep the organ cool and in tune during the hot periods has finally been installed (as of September, 1999). A heating system to keep the organ warm during cold periods has existed in the organ all the while.

The author recommends that you attend a concert sometime, if only to confirm that this organ is a resounding success due to a great amount of effort by Bob Trousdale and his crew of some 25 volunteering individuals!

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