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Even though the organ was fundamentally good, a great amount of labor remained in order for it to stand on its own among the theater organs of Southern California! This meant completely rebuilding the internal electrical and digital workings of the console, the relay system and there was still much work to do in rebuilding and enhancing the works in the chambers.

The internal electrical system within the console, itself, was rebuilt so that it would contain a multiplex digital relay system. That is, the signals generated by stop settings and key presses are transmitted as a series of time-separated pulses over two pairs of wires, eliminating the thousands of wires, which the 1930's design required to directly connect tabs, keys and swell pedals to the relay system. The remote capture system, formerly located in a separate room under the stage, has been replaced by a set of printed circuit boards installed in a swing-out assembly within the back of the console. The capacity of the new capture system increased the tab count of the 1930's design of 150, to a count of 276, in the new design. The purpose of the "capture" system is that of enabling the performer to pre-set tab settings to facilitate changing such registration by pushing "pistons" (buttons beneath the keyboards) on-the-fly, while playing the organ.

Not only were the internal workings completely changed from those which were originally there, but the tab rails were modified so as to include the necessary additional stop tabs. Additional pistons were installed to accommodate additional pre-set stop tab settings. A small tape recorder was installed in the console for the purpose of storing all of the stop settings (registration) on a cassette. Each concert performer then has his own cassette, so that his settings (registration) may be recalled at any time in the future. An 80386 IBM-platform computer was installed to record the registration and the keystrokes of a performer as he/she actually performs. As a matter of fact, the concert of Sean Henderson, who performed Sunday, June 18th, 1995, was so stored in the computer, to be played back at a later date, in an empty auditorium, and in front of the microphones used for making the recording for a compact disc. This compact disc is named "Plummer's Pipes" and is available from the Beldale Recording Company, 13722 Rushmore Lane, Santa Ana, CA 92705.

The console had to be physically reworked in order to repair the damage done by the amputation of the caps and the corbels that were sawed in half. A new music rack was installed on the console. The effort of physically reworking the console was an effort which amounted to the best that could be done with the disfigured console. The results, however, are quite acceptable and the console looks very impressive.

Information on the Plummer console.

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